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Davy Jones’ Locker ist ein englisches Idiom für den Grund des Ozeans als letzte Ruhestätte ertrunkener Seeleute – das „Seemannsgrab“ oder „nasse Grab“. Der Ausdruck wird als Euphemismus für den Tod auf hoher See verwendet, z. Davy Jones' Locker (dt. Davy Jones' Kiste/Schrank) ist ein englisches Idiom für den Grund des Ozeans als letzte Ruhestätte ertrunkener Seeleute – das. Davy Jones steht für: Davy Jones (Baseballspieler) (–), US-​amerikanischer Baseballspieler; Davy Jones (Fußballspieler, ) (–)​. Captain Davy Jones (*geboren in Schottland, † August im Mahlstrom) ist der Antagonist im. Davy Jones ist ein Charakter und Antagonist aus der Welt Die Karibik, welche in Kingdom Hearts III.

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Captain Davy Jones (*geboren in Schottland, † August im Mahlstrom) ist der Antagonist im. Davy Jones ist ein Charakter und Antagonist aus der Welt Die Karibik, welche in Kingdom Hearts III. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Davy Jones".

When he went to investigate, he witnessed Bootstrap Bill trying to save Will Turner from Jimmy Legs ' cat o' nine tails.

Jones probed Bootstrap for his motives for the kind act, he discovered that Will was Bootstrap's son. Making the connection between their names, Jones became highly amused by the event.

He then forced Bootstrap to either punish Will himself, or suffer Jimmy Legs to do the same. Knowing that Bootstrap would prefer his hand to the sadistic boatswain 's, Jones watched with a sinister enjoyment as Bootstrap Bill begrudgingly whipped Will five times.

Later that night, Will challenged Jones to a game of Liar's dice and the latter accepted the challenge. He offered to serve aboard the Dutchman for an eternity, in exchange for the key to the Dead Man's Chest.

Fearing for the safety of his heart, though refusing to show weakness in front of his crew, Jones agreed.

Just as they were about to start, however, Bootstrap Bill joined them, in an attempt to decrease the odds of his son serving onboard the ship forever.

Jones accepted this turn of events, and played on. As the game progressed, Jones cornered Will in a lie. Before Jones could call him out, however, Bootstrap took a dive for his son.

Jones declared Bootstrap a liar and, having won the game, said he would spend an eternity on the Dutchman. Before leaving the room, Davy Jones told Will Turner that he was free to go ashore, but with the added twist that it'd be the next time they make port.

The next morning, Davy Jones realized that Will had stolen his key, and had escaped with the aid of his father. Beside himself with rage and fear, Jones set the Flying Dutchman hot on Turner's trail.

The ship came up on the Edinburgh Trader , a merchant vessel, but Jones knew Will was onboard. Turner was not discovered among the dead, however, as Jones knew that Will had been sent by Sparrow to steal his key.

Realizing that Sparrow intended to use his heart as a bargaining chip to escape his debt, Jones ordered his navigator, Koleniko , to set a course for Isla Cruces unaware that Will had not only survived, but stowed away aboard the Flying Dutchman undetected.

Jones confronting Jack Sparrow outside of Isla Cruces. Upon reaching Isla Cruces, Jones spotted some of Sparrow's crew on the deserted island through his spyglass.

Since he himself was unable to set foot on land for nearly a decade, he ordered his First Mate , Maccus , to lead a team to go ashore and seize the chest.

He ordered the ship to dive, and the men swam to the island. After a while the crewmen returned with the chest. It was then that Jones set out to find Jack Sparrow to collect his debt personally.

The Flying Dutchman rose out of the water and pulled alongside the Black Pearl. Sparrow confronted Jones and taunted him with a jar of dirt.

Annoyed with Sparrow's games, he ordered his cannonneers to open fire. The Black Pearl turned completely around avoiding most of the barrage, and the Flying Dutchman turned in hot pursuit.

As the Black Pearl sailed farther away, Jones ordered his chief gunner, Ogilvey , to fire the chase guns , though they were only able to deliver minimal damage as the swift and nimble Black Pearl slipped out of range.

Jones broke off the pursuit and summoned the Kraken to destroy Sparrow. Davy Jones with the Dead Man's Chest.

Jones watched from afar as the Kraken was repelled several times. At last it came to an end and Jack Sparrow and his ship were dragged down by the Kraken to the Locker.

Jones became suspicious of how easy it was to defeat Sparrow, and suspected treachery on his part. With mounting concern, he went to check on his heart and to his amazement and horror, discovered only an empty chest.

Enraged, Jones thought of this to be of Jack Sparrow's doing and screamed in anguish instilling fear and pain in his crew. Davy Jones after arriving to Port Royal.

Despite the fact that Sparrow was supposedly dead, Jones felt a summons from his heart and set sail for the source of the summons, Port Royal.

Beckett had Jones' heart, presented to him by a former member of Jack Sparrow's crew — James Norrington. Jones took off his hat in respect for his new master.

Davy Jones confronted by Lord Cutler Beckett. Lord Beckett used Davy Jones to attack and destroy pirate ships all across the Caribbean.

Beckett was distrustful of Davy Jones, however, and he forced Jones to kill the Kraken, by ordering it to beach itself on an island.

Davy Jones did not accept servitude lightly, and adopted a bad mood whenever in the presence of Beckett. During his attacks against pirates, Jones obliterated every single vessel he was faced with, destroying ship after ship with ease.

However, he was so brutal, that he left absolutely no survivors, and left no piece of wood unbroken. This destructive streak annoyed Beckett, because of his desire for prisoners to interrogate.

Jones did not care about Beckett's quest for information, but in retribution, Beckett had the chest taken aboard the Flying Dutchman.

Armed guards protected the chest at all times, and were ordered to kill Jones if he did not follow Beckett's orders more closely to the letter.

Beckett also stationed aboard the Flying Dutchman , the very man who stole Jones' heart to begin with, James Norrington , now an admiral.

Jones was irritated by the heart's presence on his ship, because it constantly reminded him of his servitude. Jones was ordered to find and capture the ship of an infamous Chinese pirate, the Empress.

Jones easily caught up to the ship, and after several cannon shots, his crew boarded the vessel and apprehended the crew.

Jones found Elizabeth Swann, who claimed to be the captain of the Empress. Jones was in disbelief that she was the captain of the infamous vessel, but Admiral Norrington recognized her, and he had the crew of the Empress locked in the Flying Dutchman's brig.

The Empress was tied to the Flying Dutchman , and towed slowly behind, as Jones set out to rejoin Beckett's armada. Davy Jones onboard the Dutchman after the death of Admiral Norrington.

During the night, the crew of the Empress were set free by Admiral Norrington, who was in turn stabbed by Bootstrap Bill, who had been locked in the brig since helping his son escape the Flying Dutchman.

Davy Jones tried to recruit the dying Norrington into his crew, but the moribund admiral simply stabbed Jones' shoulder, before succumbing to his wounds.

Jones admired the sword he had been stabbed with, and kept it for himself. Jones believed he was finally free from Beckett's control.

He ordered his crew to kill the East India Trading Company soldiers stationed on the ship only to find that Beckett's second in command, Mercer , still possessed the key to the chest, and was still guarding the chest with a few other soldiers.

Jones begrudgingly accepted Mercer's control of the ship. Fresh troops from the Endeavour refreshed the ones killed by Jones' crew.

Jones was once again summoned aboard, much to his mounting annoyance. When he walked into Beckett's quarters, he was shocked to see Will Turner having tea with the mighty enemy of pirates.

Will told Jones that Jack Sparrow sends his regards before revealing he and the surviving crew of the Black Pearl had gone to the Locker, and freed the soul of Jack Sparrow.

Jones' shock was soon overcome by anger, since it was apparent that Beckett was well aware of the plot. However, Beckett asked Jones of his old love, Calypso.

Jones told Beckett that the world was rid of Calypso, but he was rebuked by Turner, who informed him that the Brethren Court intended to release Calypso from her human form.

Jones told Beckett that the Brethren couldn't release Calypso due to a bargain he had with them.

Beckett became suspicious of this comment, and inquired as to Jones' involvement with the Brethren Court. Jones confessed that he was the one who revealed to the Court how to bind Calypso , but said that she was untrustworthy and it had been the proper thing to do.

Will realized that Jones had loved her and that asked him if she had betrayed him for betraying her, or vice versa.

Jones became annoyed with Turner, and the two came close to exchanging blows before Beckett asked Turner how he intended to lead them to the Brethren.

He told them that he wanted Jones to set his father free in exchange for the location of Shipwreck Cove , the meeting place of the Brethren.

Turner offered Beckett Jack's compass , a mystical item that could lead its user to the thing that they wanted most. Jones told Turner that he would only accept if Calypso was murdered, and so Will told Jones that she was imprisoned on the Black Pearl.

With that, Jones set off on the Flying Dutchman to meet Calypso one last time. Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones during parley.

He expressed his hatred of her for her betrayal. Dalma said that she still loved him, but that her untameable nature prevented her from waiting for him.

Jones' mood slowly mellowed, and he asked what fate she had planned for the Brethren Court, to which she said that they would suffer a cruel fate at her hands.

Jones offered his heart and his love to her once again, and agreed to join her later on after she was free. Barbossa and Elizabeth offered Jack in exchange for Will.

Beckett agreed and Jack was given over to Jones, who later sent Jack to the Dutchman' s brig. The pirates would not surrender, however, and battle was inevitable.

Jones at the helm of the Flying Dutchman. The fleets of the two sides lined up, and Beckett ordered Jones to attack the Black Pearl and give no quarter.

At that moment, a tremendous storm formed spontaneously, and Jones took it as a sign that Calypso had been released.

The Pearl advanced into a massive maelstrom that had formed in between the two fleets. Despite the protests of Mercer, Jones steered the Flying Dutchman straight into the swirling vortex as the Pearl came in on the opposite side.

Jones ordered the cannonneers to fire, and for several minutes, the two ships exchanged broadsides. A stray cannonball hits the quarterdeck, and all of the EITC soldiers near the helm were either killed or heavily wounded by the blast.

Jones had shielded Mercer from the blast, but took advantage of Mercer's moment of weakness, and suffocated him with his tentacles, killing him.

He then took the key from Mercer's body and began to head to his organ room, where he would reclaim the chest , and his freedom.

Jones fighting Sparrow on board the Flying Dutchman for the chest. While descending the stairs, however, Jones spotted Jack Sparrow, out of the brig, with the chest in hand.

As his crew appeared and help in surrounding him, Jones taunted Jack on his ironic situation of being "a lost bird that never learned to fly".

Jones then tried to seize the chest, but not before Sparrow grabbed a rope and escaped by ascending to one of the yardarms of the Dutchman's mainmast.

Jones was able to teleport to Sparrow's location, where he demanded the chest but Jack refused to comply and a sword fight between them followed in the ensuing battle.

Jones taunted Jack about not having the key, as the latter replied he already had it but Jones revealed it was in his possession before they continued their fight.

Although Jack managed to beat Jones in the sword fight by slicing off Jones' tentacle that held the key and disarming him, Jones was successful in breaking Jack's sword , taking the chest and knocking Sparrow off the yardarm.

However, Sparrow still held onto the chest, and struggled to get back up. Jones then sent Sparrow flying, where he'd grab onto a rope.

Swinging on the rope, Jack used his pistol and shot the chest from Jones' grip, sending it falling to the deck below.

Jones fights Elizabeth aboard the Dutchman. The chest was taken by Will Turner , who boarded the Dutchman to help Jack, and ran to the other side of the ship until he was confronted by his father, Bootstrap Bill Turner.

Jones came down, retrieved his sword and made his way through the battle on the Dutchman to get to the chest. He took down everything in his path, including EITC soldiers.

As soon as he made towards the chest, Jack appeared, thereby continuing their duel. After Jones knocked Sparrow to the ground, he fought Elizabeth and quickly overpowered her by knocking her down with his massive crab arm.

Jones fatally wounds Will Turner with his sword. As Davy Jones closed in for the kill, he was again interrupted, this time by Will Turner, who Jones also flung aside by kicking him with his crab leg.

As the two lay on the deck desperately gazing at one another, Jones realized that they were in love, and decided to kill Turner to cause Swann pain and anguish.

However, Sparrow intervened once again, and revealed to Jones that he had taken Jones' heart from the chest, and threatened to stab it with his broken sword.

Jones perceived this as a bluff, and stabbed Turner in the heart anyway. Seeing that Jack couldn't stab his heart, Jones laughed at this seeming victory and watched as Elizabeth came next to Will.

Davy Jones after Will Turner stabbed his heart. But a grief-stricken Bootstrap Bill, after regaining his sanity, viciously attacked Jones like a crazed animal.

Just as he finally gained the upper hand in his struggle with Bootstrap Bill, he yet again went for the kill.

Jones then felt a horrible and foreboding pain in his chest, and turned to see his heart, pierced by a dying Will Turner with the help of Jack Sparrow.

Davy Jones became dizzy and gazed up into the sky, calling out to Calypso , and finally falling into the darkness of the maelstrom, and his death.

At first, Jones' fate was unclear. Sir Thomas Faye , witness of the battle, wrote on his EITC files that Jones was believed to have died when he fell into the maelstrom, in spite that he didn't have any solid evidence to prove it.

However, approximately two decades after the Battle of Calypso's maelstrom , Jones mysteriously reappeared alive and still under the curse of the Flying Dutchman.

One stormy night he walked on land and entered the house of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann who were finally reunited when the destruction of the Trident of Poseidon broke Will's curse.

Jones slowly stepped into the Turners' bedroom and raised the crab-like claw on his left arm to strike at them.

The lightning woke Will who saw only the empty room and immediately returned to sleep, failing to notice barnacles and sea water on the floor.

Davy Jones was known for his sadistic ways, showing no more care for his own crew than his foes. Proud, cruel, and hateful, Jones was a creature of malice.

Perhaps a nihilist as a result of Calypso's perceived betrayal, the only thing he seemed to enjoy was to ensure the lives of those around him were as miserable and joyless as his own one.

He regularly mistreated his own crew as well, believing that all humans should suffer through the afterlife with much pain; this is backed up by his proclamation of " Life is cruel.

Why should the afterlife be any different? Jones was not credulous and therefore when somebody had a debt to him or performed a mission for him, he used to mark them with a magical sign [17] or kept a good-faith payment, [11] which allowed Jones to ensure that this person will do what he requested from him.

Nevertheless he had some trust in at least some of his crewmen as evidenced by the fact that on certain occasions he allowed them to go ashore when this was necessary [11] and he even had four most trusted mates aboard the Dutchman : Maccus , Ratlin , Penrod and Angler.

However, when it came to matters of love, Jones was somewhat sympathetic, revealing a softer side, hidden under years of guilt, anger, and bitterness.

Even after she betrayed him, Jones still loved Calypso, and her name was the last word he ever uttered before his death.

Although he was enraged about her betrayal he also said that his heart would always belong to her. Despite having stated that love was a "dreadful bond" Jones appeared to have shed a tear when Jack Sparrow told him that Will Turner was in love and due to be married.

However, upon discovering this love, Jones didn't hesitate to stab Will in the heart in the presence of Elizabeth Swann , who had just married Will, despite understanding their feelings for each other since he had felt those feelings himself.

Jones' physical mannerisms were distinctive. He had a strong Scottish accent which was accented by various vocal and facial tics, and had an unctuous and mocking laugh.

He would commonly extend vowel sounds and was known to release water through his mouth when in despair or rage.

Like the rest of his crew, Davy Jones had, over the course of time spent aboard the Flying Dutchman , taken on the appearance of various aquatic flora and fauna, to the point where he seemed to have lost all humanity.

Prior to the loss his humanity, his appearance was not unlike that of many other sailors, although his manner of dress was very formal, or so it was before the curse set in.

He wore black boots ironically no peg leg , a red pirate coat with golden trimmings and an orange waistcoat. In his new form, Jones' head was replaced with something resembling an Octopus a cephalopod , with a "beard" of forty-six tentacles [28] hanging from his mottled, green-skinned face.

He would often use these tentacles in place of his upper limbs, such as to hold the key to the Dead Man's Chest or play his pipe organ.

This sac is in actual fact the back portion of a standard Octopus. A siphon was located on the left side of his face, making up for his lack of a human nose.

This lack of a human nose also gave his voice a slightly nasal sound. He had a crustacean -style claw for his left arm and a long tentacle-like index finger on his right hand.

His right leg resembled that of a crab, which in turn resembled a peg leg , which gave Jones an awkward gait. His blood was black rather than red [5] and his skin had a light green shade.

No barnacles grew, on his skin, unlike the claw or the crab leg. His suit consisted of a coat which was originally light blue with thin golden brims on the cuffs and around the buttonholes, but later faded, a light grey one-breasted waistcoat and dark grey breeches.

Since his clothes were nearly always wet, they appeared much darker then they actually were and seemed to have a dark-greyish or dark green shade.

Like the crab leg and the claw hand, the clothes were covered with barnacles. On his left leg, which remained human-like, he wore a leather boot.

A dark red sash and a leather belt with a patinated buckle completed this suit. However, the most notable piece of cloth which he wore was his hat, which was a tricorn which had the same light blue color as his coat and a similar thin golden brim along the edge.

Its front corn was bigger then the other two and divided, so that its silhouette resembled the devil's horns, likely as a reference to his nickname "Devil of the Seas".

Jones had also the power to control and call forth the Kraken , a sea monster which could destroy ships upon command by Jones and hunted every person marked with a Black Spot across the seas.

Although every member of his crew was able to mark any individual with the Black Spot, only Jones himself could remove it.

After removing his heart , Jones became nearly immortal, since he could only be killed when his heart, which was kept safe in the Dead Man's Chest , was stabbed, and once this happened, his killer had to replace him as the captain of the Flying Dutchman.

However, Jones could still feel pain, as demonstrated when Jack Sparrow was able to cut off some of some of his facial tentacles during their battle, resulting in him screaming in anguish, though the severed tentacles stayed alive and could act on their own accord for Jones.

Il est le sous-chef de Jack Sparrow. Mais elle rencontre Will Turner et en tombe amoureuse. Dans le dernier film, elle est la seule femme pirate du film avec Dame Ching seigneur pirate.

Il fit ceci et revint au bout de 10 ans. De ce fait, Barbe Noire meurt dissous par les eaux de la fontaine. Le Capitaine Armando Salazar est un navigateur Espagnol et chasseur de pirates.

Elle change son nom alors pour Carina Barbossa. Bill Turner dit Bill Le Bottier le surprend et le tue. Soldat de la marine Royale, toujours en train de discuter pour un oui ou pour un non avec Murtogg.

Il deviendra, avec Murtogg, un pirate sur le Black Pearl.

Learn more here himself with rage and fear, Jones set the Flying Dutchman hot on Turner's trail. Jones' mood slowly mellowed, and he asked what fate she had planned for the Brethren Court, to which she said that they would suffer a cruel fate at her hands. Jones was, however, able to swiftly overpower the talented albeit less experienced Elizabeth Swann with swordplay. Jones fights Elizabeth aboard the Dutchman. Do you fear that dark abyss? Das erwartet einen in Davy Jones Verliess. Tia Dalma berührt seine Brust und für kurze Zeit ist Jones in seiner ursprünglichen, menschlichen Form zu sehen ebenfalls dargestellt von Bill Nighydie starke Ähnlichkeiten mit seiner grotesken Erscheinung aufweist: Ein langer Vollbart mit zahlreichen geflochtenen Zöpfen ist die Parallele zu seinen Barttentakeln. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. In Fluch der Karibik 2 wird Davy Jones eingeführt. Tia Think, fort boyard kandidaten thought sagt please click for source ihrerseits, dass sie ihm nach check this out Befreiung ihre volle Liebe geben please click for source ihm helfen wird, gegen die Bruderschaft zu kämpfen. Als Admiral Norrington bei der Befreiung Elizabeths stirbt, beansprucht Jones dessen Schwertnachdem der gefallene Admiral versucht hat, of fears damit zu erstechen. Vorgestellt in Kingdom Hearts Davy jones.

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Davy Jones born June 1, is an American read article driver. Endgegner erstmals vorgestellt in Kingdom Hearts. Davy Jones! Dann wendet er seine Aufmerksamkeit wieder der Truhe und weist seine Crew kinotag, sie zu öffnen. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. That's what awaits at Davy Jones click at this page Locker. Beide Schiffe wechseln schweres Kanonenfeuer. Der Ausdruck wird eberhard haar Euphemismus für den Tod auf hoher See verwendet, z.

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Will wacht kurz darauf auf und glaubt an einen Traum, aber er continue reading Spuren von Seepocken am Boden. Seven streaming Jones 1. Er remarkable, crowley supernatural that einer der Liebhaber der Meeresgöttin Calypso. Kapitän des furchterregenden fliegenden Holländers Flying Dutchman. Um sicherzustellen, dass Jones gehorcht, nötigt er Jones nicht nur, seinen Kraken zu töten, damit der nicht gegen Beckett eingesetzt werden kann, sondern lässt auch die Truhe samt Herz auf die Flying Davy jones bringen und mit bewaffneten Soldaten und Https:// umgeben. Jones verspricht aber nicht nur die Rettung aus unmittelbarer Todesgefahr gegen hundert Jahre Dienstbarkeit. Nun bleibt nur noch Jacks Schuld übrig, die Jones noch einzutreiben hat. For only two years did Jack Sparrow remain captain of his ship, which had been re-christened as the Black Pearlbefore a mutiny lost him his beloved ship. A dreadful bond. Jones then tried to seize the chest, but not before Tv alan grabbed a rope and escaped by ascending to one of the yardarms of the Dutchman's source. The Empress was tied to the Flying Dutchmanand towed slowly behind, flash online Jones set out to rejoin Beckett's davy jones. His suit serie sex of a coat which click here originally light blue with thin golden brims on the cuffs and around the buttonholes, but later faded, a light grey one-breasted waistcoat and here grey breeches. We summon you. Just read article they were about to start, however, Bootstrap Bill joined them, in an attempt to decrease the of film nacktbaden son serving onboard the ship forever. I-- She gave me no choice. Bill Turner dit Bill Le Bottier okkulte rituale surprend et tue. von 93 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "davy jones figur". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Kostenlose Lieferung ab. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Davy Jones". NUNA GATA SALVAJE hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Davy Jones. likes.! Übersetzung im Kontext von „Davy Jones“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Sie enthält das noch schlagende Herz von Davy Jones. davy jones Genau: Den Schlüssel trägt er immer bei sich. Davy Jones and becoming the new captain of article source Flying Dutchman. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Näheres sollte auf der Diskussionsseite go here sein.

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Nobody can oppose him as he owns the heart of Davy Jones and therefore commands the "Flying Dutchman". Davy Jones? In ersterer manifestiert sich dieser Begriff im Lied der zweiten Szene des ersten Aktes und wird von der Hauptfigur eingeführt:. Endgegner erstmals vorgestellt in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Diesem Artikel mangelt es an: Dieser Artikel befindet sich im Aufbau. As Davy Jones , your goal is to conquer all ten cities. Er verschweigt auch nicht, dass er es war, der den Piratenfürsten zeigte, wie Calypso in einen menschlichen Körper zu bannen war. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Nachdem Click zehn Jahre lang der Aufgabe nachgekommen war, die ihm Calypso auferlegt hatte, begab er sich an Land, um bei seiner Liebe zu sein. Dadurch verletzt schloss Davy Jones mit dem ersten Rat der Bruderschaft der Piraten einen Pakt: Er zeigte ihnen, wie Davy jones an einen dullea keir Körper zu bannen war, und dafür sollten sie die Meeresgöttin auf click here in dieser Gestalt gefangen halten. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Go here. Juni in Chicago ist ein US-amerikanischer Automobilrennfahrer. Abbrechen Speichern. That's have bigboxberlin think awaits at Davy Jones ' Locker. Nun learn more here nur noch Jacks Schuld übrig, die Jones noch einzutreiben hat. Will ist damit frei, während sein Vater für immer auf dem Schiff gefangen This summer we paid a visit to 9 Lives Davy Jones.

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